October is Cyber Security Awareness Month!

This is an internationally recognized campaign focused on helping us all be more secure online.? Read more in our latest edition of Spotlight on IT.

Carleton’s Student Email, powered by Microsoft’s Office 365, features 50 GB of storage, advanced search features and great mobile support.

Your?real email address is firstnamelastname@cmail.carleton.ca but you will?also?receive email addressed?to your email alias: firstname.lastname@carleton.ca.

As a student, this is your official Carleton email address that the university uses to communicate important information to you.

Activate your Carleton Student Email

New to Carleton? To get your Carleton Email you will need to activate your MyCarletonOne account through Carleton Central.

Access?your Carleton Student Email

Once you’ve activated your MyCarletonOne account, you can access your Carleton Email in four ways:

  • Log into the MyCarleton Portal using your MyCarletonOne credentials (firstnamelastname) and click on the Carleton Email button located on the left of the screen
  • Use your mobile device:?configure your smartphone
  • Use your Mac/PC’s email application:?Outlook application or?Mac Mail.app
  • Log into?outlook.office.com? Note: unlike the MyCarleton Portal which accepts just your MyCarletonOne username?(firstnamelastname), this is a Microsoft portal and requires your complete?email address:?firstnamelastname@cmail.carleton.ca.

Carleton Student Email How-to’s &?Guides