Child Studies is an interdisciplinary program. Several courses are designed specifically for the Child Studies program to reflect the interdisciplinary nature of the field of child studies and we offer courses that have relevance to both global/international and Canadian contexts. You will also be able to choose from a wide range of courses offered in other Departments at Carleton University (e.g., Sociology, Anthropology, Public Affairs, Social Work, Psychology, Neuroscience, Journalism, History, Human Rights). The Child Studies program will teach you to make connections across different disciplines and to consider interdisciplinary questions pertaining to children and youth.

The interdisciplinary nature of our program provides you with something that no degree in a single discipline can give you—a broad, multifaceted approach that exposes you the complexity of factors affecting children and youth’s lives.

There are important reasons to consider an interdisciplinary degree in child studies:

  • To learn about the different factors (e.g., social, political, school, family, neural/biological) contributing to the development of children and youth
  • To lay the foundations for a career oriented towards improving children and youth’s conditions
  • To prepare for graduate studies (Master’s degree or a Ph.D.) in a child-related discipline