About our Program:

The Graduate Diploma in Conflict Resolution engages students in contemporary theory and practice of conflict and dispute resolution with a special emphasis on building students’ capacity for the constructive prevention, management and resolution of conflict and dispute. The Diploma is unique in Canada. It is appropriate for professionals looking to advance in their field, individuals looking to begin a new career, or who are interested in applying these skills in a personal or community context.

The program was founded by Dr. Cheryl Picard as a Graduate Certificate. After 20 years of success, it has renewed leadership under Director Dr. Rebecca Bromwich since 2016.

As of Fall 2018, the diploma requirements will undergo a credit reduction that will allow students to graduate after 12 months of study. It is also possible to take individual classes as a Special Student. Classes are offered in a condensed format to suit the busy lives of working professionals. Each one is sure to be two weekends that change your life.

For more information about our program Graduate Diploma in Conflict Resolution 2019.

What makes the Graduate Diploma in Conflict Resolution distinctive?

  • Instructors – Students are taught by individuals who are both researchers and practitioners in their fields.
  • Independent Learning Initiative (ILI) – A core component of each course, the Independent Learning Initiative involves journaling, role-playing and self-insight activities that encourage students to become aware of their strengths and challenges as conflict practitioners. This is a cumulative, online portfolio that graduates can present to prospective employers.
  • Skills Assessment?– Once students complete their course work, they are evaluated on their ability to mediate a real-life conflict situation. This final requirement of the Diploma provides them with a clear indication of their level?of competency to work as a sole practitioner.
  • Accreditation – This program satisfies the academic criteria for accreditation as a Mediator in both Ontario and Quebec.

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