choir logoIn existence for over forty years, the Carleton University Choir is a large choral ensemble of as many as 90 voices.? The choir is open by audition to all Carleton students, members of the university community and the general public. The choir presents two major public concerts during the academic year. These concerts showcase a variety of large and small scale choral works and frequently feature orchestra and soloists.? In the fall of 2017 the choir presented a program celebrating Carleton’s 75th anniversary.

The Carleton University Choir is directed by Laurie Hamilton, with accompanist Joanne Moorcroft.? See Laurie and Joanne’s bio page.


The Carleton University Choir will have a few openings for singers with some choral experience for the new term beginning in January.? If you love to sing and are available between 11:30 and 2:20 on Wednesdays, you might want to check this out.? The choir is open to all faculty, staff and students and community.? The choir presents one major concert per term.? The spring concert will be April 6th and will feature a variety of selections chosen by choir members.? Auditions will be held in early January. To book an audition time please click on the following Audition Schedule: CUC Auditions Jan. 2019? For more information please contact?

The Carleton University Choir invites all students, faculty, staff, and community members to sing with us. Currently we are especially seeking male voices (tenors and basses). This large choir performs a variety of repertoire across a broad range of stylistic periods, genres, and cultures. An audition is required for admission to the choir. See the information below regarding auditions.

The choir meets on Wednesdays from 11:30 until 2:20 in the Patrick Cardy Studio, A900 on the ninth floor of the Loeb Building.? All members (except for B.Mus students) pay a music fee of approximately $25-30 per semester to cover the cost of music. In addition Non student Community members pay an annual fee of $100.00.

Carleton Music students required to take the course for compulsory credit, will be enrolled in the Choral Ensemble which will be meeting on Wednesday afternoon between 2:30 and 5:30.? Upon consultation and audition with the choral director, Students with choral experience may request to sing in the Carleton University Choir in addition to or instead of the Choral Ensemble.

Carleton Chamber Singers (CCS) a Chamber Choir of about 18 singers. It is for singers with choral experience and strong choral reading and musicianship skills. All students in Music and in other faculties are welcome to audition. It will run if there is sufficient interest. Rehearsal time to be determined. Interested singers with good reading skills can contact to set up an audition.



*** For information about auditioning for the Choir in January 2019 please contact

To book your Audition time on the Audition schedule :? CUC Auditions Jan. 2019

Carleton University Choir (available to Music students, Students and Staff from all faculties and Community members by audition)

Please sign up for an vocal audition/placement session whether you are interested in singing in the Carleton University Choir, the student Choral Ensemble or the Carleton Chamber Singers. If you are a returning student member and are unsure whether you should sign up or not, please email Please print off the audition piece (The Ash Grove) and bring the completed Choral Info Form to the audition. If you are brand new to singing and are auditioning for the student choral ensemble we will just work through some range and pitch exercises in the audition.

  • Audition requirement/piece for Ensemble: The Ash Grove (see PDF below) The audition piece will be changing to Homeward Bound for the next semester. You may use it this semester if you wish. (PDFs below for high voices Soprano/Tenor or low voice Alto/Bass)
  • Duration of audition: 10 min
  • Please complete and bring this form with you to the audition: Choral Audition Form 2018
  • For audition info please contact

Carleton University Choral Ensemble (available to Music Majors wishing to complete the required Choir Ensemble requisite)

  • Audition requirement/pieces for Ensemble: the audition will consist of a few range and pitch assessment exercises. There is no need to prepare a required song.
  • Duration of audition: 5 min
  • Please complete and bring this form with you to the audition: Choral Info Form 2018
  • For audition info please contact

Carleton Chamber Singers (available to all singers with some choral experience by audition)

  • Audition requirement/pieces for Ensemble: Homeward Bound. (see PDFs below)
  • Duration of audition: 10 min
  • Please complete and bring this form with you to the audition: Choral Audition Form 2018
  • For audition info please contact

You can send an email to for more information.

Audition Info for CUC & Chamber Singers: the ability to read music at least at an elementary level is required. Auditions will include assessment of range and ear ability as well as a short sight reading passage.

  • Audition Description: Please be prepared to perform one verse of the song The Ash Grove (see below) in any key you wish.? If you are an experienced singer and usually sing alto, tenor or bass please also prepare your harmony part for this song.
  • Music Reading: You may be asked to sight sing a simple passage of music.
  • Ear Tests: You may be asked to sing back a short melody or sing the top/middle/bottom note in a chord. More experienced musicians may have further ear tests such as identifying major/minor chords etc.
  • Range and technical assessment: You may be asked to sing some exercises through to the top or bottom of your range, and/or some exercises to explore an area of your technique.
  • Please think of the audition as more of an interview and voice placement session. This will help determine what voice part you should be singing and where in the section you may be best placed.

Audition Piece – The Ash Grove

Audition Piece – Homeward Bound (Key of D)

Audition Piece – Homeward Bound (Key of F)


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